Wedding Photo Album Gallery


Wedding Album


This Classically photographed wedding has been designed within a square format wedding album.The album was handcrafted with a black leather cover and a black background  was chosen for the pages  to compliment the photographers subtle colour tones. The images were given a delicate white stroke to frame them on the page.


Summer Beach Wedding Album


Summer beach weddings are bright, sunny and blue. The wedding album was designed with white pages to amplify the freshness of the images. The album design incorporates sweeping double page panoramic spreads. A vertical format was given to this wedding album and the cover of choice was a Perspex Wedding album cover with their favourite image on the front.


Fun Balloon Wedding Album


Balloons and street art add vibrancy to wedding photos. The bride and groom chose a Leather printed album cover, which wraps around both the back and front cover.The image chosen for the cover, ( full of colouful flowers )   added  a real wow factor. The design of this wedding album reflects on the personalities of the wedding couple.


Destination Wedding Album


Exotic places , Island beach huts, sailing boats., and helicopters. This wedding has it all. 
So what better way to showcase those stunning wedding photos than in a modern designed wedding album. This album design incorporates 'negative space" allowing the images room to float from the album pages. The wedding photos were also given a slight black stroke, creating a subtle border, combining this technique with empty white space drew the images forward.


Wedding Album


Designing wedding albums is all about creating an interaction between images.  Careful consideration is given to not only the placement of each photo but also to the photo size.
We were spoilt for choice with this  beautiful winery wedding which had a great selection of wedding photos taken on the day. The couple chose a Earthy Brown leather cover for their wedding album.


Alernative Wedding Album


Dressed in an Elizabethean wedding gown , the bride created an amazing visual presence. Choosing the best wedding photos and then choosing the right wedding album, and then making it all work,  is what we do best. Each and every wedding album we create, we design with passion.


Brightly Coloured
Wedding Album


Bright orange and yellow speaks volumes in this colourful wedding album design. Filling the pages with large image sizes brings the colour theme to its full impact. Lots of thought and imagination is involved when taking wedding photography and the same applies when designing a wedding album.